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A Season’s Call

Green laser in random swirls pierced the darkness of the room. On screen, crimson smoke lingered in the air as the stage lit up resembling a massive cathedral. Dramatic Gregorian-ish music sounded making way for the grand entrance in the Faith Live concert. Hyde appeared. Screams, both recorded and live, were heard in unison.


One of the things L’Arc~en~Ciel is most famous for is Hyde. Who can’t associate L’Arc with this sultry, beautiful creature who sings flawlessly? Imagining L’Arc~en~Ciel without Hyde is like eating an apple pie without the apple. Well, forgive me for being biased, but you see, Hyde is simply the apple of our eyes. Although not the official leader of the band, this winged front man has been the group’s nominal crown jewel for years. Apart from L’Arc, however, we see another side of him that lurks behind the dark shadows of Vamps. And as a solo artist, his more subtle and vulnerable alter-ego permeates the scene.

While some may worship Hyde, Filipino Cielers just found his special day a good opportunity for yet another fan meet-up after the success of the first one. Graced by 21 local fans, the gathering, which was called Hyde Night, is the flagship event of the year. Commemorating the 44th year since Hyde came into existence was a foretaste of what the L’Arc Philippines Street Team is cooking for the rest of 2013.



Aside from the screening of Hyde’s Faith Live concert, Hyde Night was also enjoyed through the highly anticipated sing-a-long ala Laruku called L’Arc~e~oke, and the getting-to-know-you turned getting-to-know-you-more game of human bingo aimed to draw fellow fans closer together. What brought the funniest memories, however, was the slapstick-induced game of charade where participants had to guess Hyde/Vamps/Larc song titles. Imagine acting Cape of Storms, Ophelia, Trouble, Rumble, and Birth out! One of the highlights of the event was the raffle where prizes such as the Hyde Roentgen DVD, and Hyde Roentgen English version, Hyde 666, and Vamps VCDs were GIVEN.AWAY.JUST.LIKE.THAT. Finally, some video clips to be sent to Hyde, Tetsuya, Ken, and Yuki themselves were also taken during this call of the season event.~


Laruku merchandise
Laruku merchandise

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