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(Very) Smart is The New Sexy

After sharing my views on my favorite movie and band, I am delightfully compelled to share my opinions about my favorite show, The Big Bang Theory (TBBT)a hilarious sitcom about the crazy life of four genius friends and how they survive in the world of normal beings.

Apart from Japanese dramas and Animés (such as Nodame Cantabile, Yamato Nadeshiko, and Hana Kimi),  Sherlock, Pushing Daisies, and Little House by the Prairie, TBBT is one of my favorite TV series. Here are the reasons why:

1. It appeals to the intellect. The primary reason why I love this sitcom is because it’s not just hilariously funny but also witty and tasteful. Many western sitcoms nowadays are brimming with sexual innuendo which seems to be their only source of entertainment. TBBT’s tagline, “smart is the new sexy” tells it all. Although sexual undertones are subtly injected especially in the latter seasons, its comical value lies in scientific and cultural references and in wholesome, witty punchlines.

a-neutron-walks-into-a-bar love

2. It is hilariously funny. Okay, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are brilliant geniuses. But the writers who created these characters are equally genius. I cannot explain how I instantly feel better while watching TBBT after having a bad day. It is so humorous that many of its lines have become daily memes you’ll still laugh at every time. Here are some of the funniest scenes:

PhotoGrid_1370583828088523628_10151316045955030_1146407967_n tumblr_mcxers6vSa1rjk8gyo1_5003. The characterization is superb. The key to this sitcom is characterization, for it is after all, a character story. Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Penny and the rest of the gang are so well established, convincing and realistic you can almost always predict how they are going to react in a certain situation. Another noteworthy observation is that even though they have different personalities that they clash most of the time, at the end of the day, they always manage to work things out and they are still each others’ solid buddies.

The pivotal persona in this sitcom is Sheldon Cooper, or rather, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Here are some of his idiosyncrasies:

  • Takes everything everyone says seriously, doesn’t understand sarcasm
  • Gets so attached to his daily routine that he absolutely can never change it, ever
  • Organizes everything he owns, by color, or alphabetically, and puts everything back in exactly the same place
  • Never uses public transport. Buses carry diseases, as do trains and airplanes. But Sheldon does like trains!
  • Very good at all science, especially physics, with a flair for the string theory
  • A video game geek with a routine and for each activity such as Thursday-Halo Night, and Friday- Wii tennis night
  • Tries to eat the same food every time he orders anything from anywhere. Repetition is how Sheldon thrives. He has a Thai night, a Chinese night, and so on.
  • Has a certain “spot” in the couch and always sit there and has his reasons why that seat is perfect and he could not possibly sit anywhere else
  • Never hugs anyone, and is very awkward in social situations. Never goes to parties unless forced to do so
  • Washes his hands as often as possible. Always carries a hand sanitizer with him and acts uncomfortable when somebody is supposedly spreading their germs
  • Makes a roommate agreement and sticks to it to the letter
  • Likes nerdy, eccentric, unfunny jokes
  • Observes some key day to day events and never misses the chance to throw some fun fact out of his head to the people around him
  • Acts intellectually superior to everybody else


4. We are all like them except for the intellectual part. We constantly find ourselves in them and we can relate to their frustrations and delight, but seldom does someone relate to them in the aspect of being that full-pledged nerds-slash-geeks that they are. And that what makes them all the more unique, and well, sexy.~



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