An Afternoon of Love and Guitars

Their wedding took place many years ago. Yet, the celebration continues to this day.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, in the local Pastor’s humble home office, when Mr. and Mrs. Dayrell Tanner were treated by the Quezon City brethren with a pleasant surprise. As their Golden Wedding Anniversary approached, the single brethren sang for them present-day love songs, while another group of husbands and wives serenaded them with all-time favorites.



Dayrell and Jeanette have always been an inspiration to the Filipino brethren. As they shared their beautiful love story by answering interview questions from the brethren, God’s way of life is reflected and cherished. The short roasting session was followed by a presentation of a small token of gratitude to the wonderful couple. The fellowship, afterwards, partook in sharing strawberry ice cream—not only to beat the summer heat—but also to match the sweetness lingering in the air.


Fifty years of marriage is Golden not because a certain Midas has touched and turned it into a 24-karat jewel. It is Golden because God’s hand guides and shapes it, making it one of life’s richest treasures.

Through the years, Mr. and Mrs. Tanner continue to shine as a couple by being a great example of what a godly marriage is.



Photos courtesy of Mr. D. Osillos


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