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Do-It-Yourself Projects

After our Scrapbooking 101 session, let’s have another round of crafty fun (yey!) with some Do-It-Yourself projects.

Personalized band shirts and bagPhotoGrid_1370523196747Materials: Textile paint, silk screen, green film, squeegee, cutter, blank shirt or bag, printed picture of your favorite band
Process: Trace the printed picture into the green film using a cutter to serve as your template. Place the template on top of the fabric, then the silk screen on top of the template. Spread paint into the silk screen using a squeegee. Let it dry.

Best lotion ever (According to a certain blog ^_^)

PhotoGrid_1370522443478Ingredients: Any Johnson’s baby lotion, Vitamin E cream, Petroleum Jelly
Process: Mix the three ingredients using stick or kitchen blender. Yeah, it’s as simple as that. ^_^

Bunny table top container

PhotoGrid_1370522378293Materials: Any round wooden container, head and feet of an old stuffed toy
Process: Glue the head on one area of the wooden container and the feet on the opposite end

Cutesie Decors


Materials: Any cutesie pieces out of broken toys and ornaments
Process: Glue the salvaged pieces on any wooden stuff you want to decorate ^_^

Photos: Blogger’s own


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