Tagaytay Escapade

Today, we went on some little adventures one after another in a city known for being a tourist destination, Tagaytay. Though I had no sleep and went home with a darker complexion, this day was one memorable holiday trip.

Going to see the Taal Lake was an on-the-spot decision since it was not the original plan. It was an impromptu activity brought about by a really delightful impulse to go on a more adventurous exploit. So we altered our itinerary and it turned out to be just fine.

A boat which is good for seven to eight people including the driver

After driving through the dangerous curves of a long and winding road, thus the name Pinaglintikan bridge, the six of us crossed the sea on a boat going to the spot overlooking the Taal Lake in Batangas.

Five-year old horse, Carmela

Arriving at the shore, we were convinced to ride on horses for twenty or so minutes through the rocky, hilly terrain. For a first-time horseback rider, I had a wonderful experience even though my five-year old horse named Carmela almost threw me off the saddle after being startled (or tickled, according to the guide) when my guide abruptly sat on him.

Tagaytay overlooks the Taal Lake in Batangas

After basking in the awe-inspiring scenery, we took a couple of group snapshots and headed back via the same route and mode of transit.

Famished, we went straight to the Mahogany Market for the most-anticipated lunch of Bulalo and crispy Tawilis.

Carousel is another favorite of mine. And this picture shows my love of photography. ♥

Then, we checked the Sky Ranch amusement center out where three of our friends braved the Super Viking ride.


Before heading back home, we stopped by at Mr. Moo’s to purchase some bottles of fresh Carabao and Cow’s milk. We capped off our road trip adventure with never-ending jokes, stories, music, and games.


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