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Happiness ♥

Happiness has become a cliché. It is a topic so broad and loved that cyberspace and bookstore shelves are abundantly stocked up with tips and tricks on how to achieve it. Clearly, everyone wants to be happy. But no matter how commonplace this term may be, only a few find their way to its familiar territory.

When we are young, we attain happiness, however superficial, through acquiring the things we need and want. But as we grow and mature,  experiences and realities teach as that happiness is merely a state of mind.

Happiness is a state of mind. ♥ (Photo credits: Alli Pham)
Happiness is a state of mind. ♥ (Photo credits: Alli Pham)

Out of innumerable resources, it was the speech given by one of my church mates that struck me the most. Let me share with you these five wise steps on how to capture this elusive essence of happiness:

1. Smile. As a song goes, “Smile, though your heart is aching.” Smile. You will be surprised at how it can instantly uplift your mood. Happiness is contagious: just being happy yourself will make others happy as well.



2. Have a quality relationship with family and friends. Happy people have good and positive relationships. It’s not about the quantity of friends or the number of hours spent with the family. It is about having godly and edifying relationships.



3. Count your blessings. Renew the attitude of gratitude by focusing on what you have and not on what you don’t have and do not compare yourself with others. Always stay positive by looking at the bright side of things and being more accepting.




4. Forgive and forget. Free yourself of grudges and let God handle whatever offense you might have experienced by letting go of any negative feelings such as pain and hurt. As a saying goes, “learn from the burn, but forgive to live.”  Also, people often kid that forgetful people are the happiest. That’s because learning to forget is a part and parcel of being happy.



5. Put God in the center of your life. We can never achieve true happiness unless we give our life to God. As long as God rules in our life, no trouble can overtake us and no sadness can ever harm us. Let’s live according to His ways and we will be genuinely happy. 2c07d719fbd328d0f2b67ca36daf2b8e

Happiness may be a clichéd topic but it’s simply because everybody yearns to be happy. It embodies our aspirations and dreams, making life truly a blessed bliss. ♥

Photo credits: Pinterest, Google Images, and Ms. Alli Pham’s Sunspell Photography


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