What’s Fun About Fun Run?

A week ago, my friend and I joined our first 5km fun run. As much as we want to be the sporty type, I guess we’re wired to be more of the bookworm type, or at least that’s how we’d like to think of it. 😛 But after all the hesitations, we were glad to have mustered the will to get up at 3am on a Sunday to discover what the fun is all about:

Super fun day!
Super fun day!

It is one tick off the bucket list

Nowadays, joining a fun run is one of the must-do activities ever since the health and wellness consciousness became a trend. It is one of the most popular events one should participate in whether he or she wants to develop an active lifestyle or simply adventurous. Sure, anyone can go jogging, but the experience in a fun run lies in running together towards a common goal of reaching the finish line. The singlet uniform, the number bib, water stations, the sound of the gun shot and the challenge of the runners ahead of you motivate you to push your limits. If in jogging we tend to stop when we’re tired, in fun runs we stop when we’re finished.

My friends and I :)
My friends and I 🙂

It is a jump-start to a life of fitness, a blog and discussion forum about running in the Philippines, shares that “aiming for a 5K run is an excellent motivation for new runners. Participating and finishing a 5K run will give you a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment to fuel up your passion for running.” Running, and any exercise or sport for that matter, is a lifestyle. Once you’ve started joining fun runs, you develop this sense of motivation and discipline to keep going. It brings out the athlete in everyone that could unleash a greater potential. A person may not be a runner or a fitness buff but participating in a fun run is a good start and is, hence, a good habit to develop.


It is usually for a good cause or awareness

Aside from a set of freebies a participant usually collects, another positive aspect of fun runs is that they are usually organized for certain causes we don’t usually get the chance to be a part of. Proceeds (or a part of it) are donated to help charities or calamity victims. Also, some fun runs promote awareness in various subject matters. Our first fun run,  the Run4Rice, for example, promoted the awareness on conserving rice through their slogan “Be RICEponsible” in celebration of the National Year of Rice and the National Rice Awareness Month (November). It also aimed to help increase awareness on the importance of rice in the lives of every Filipino by observing a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Sweet reward!

But wait! There’s more! There are some fun runs with an added twist! Our second 5k run was the hippest Color Manila Run 2 which promotes running as an enjoyable sport rather than a competition, through a color festival. Powders of different hues were splashed to and by the runners as they dash and stride along the trail, giving them a “unique kaleidescope experience”. Want to know more about it? Visit their site via the link above or email them at 🙂

The color festival! Photo courtesy of Photo-Ops photography
The color festival!
Photo courtesy of Photo-Ops photography

We still have a long way to go to be considered “runners,” but it is never ever too late to try something new! 😉

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