Lost in Transition

A quest I hereby embark
Towards a path once dark
Questions I have to lay down
Once and for all, all the way around
For sometimes we cease to exist
Finding something is amiss:

Is life a harlequin tapestry
Of meadows, green and dandeliony
Buckets of sun dried marigold
Ferris wheels of new and old
Hot air balloons tattooed in the skies
Laughing at gilded butterflies?

Is life a story of pure love
Of hearts hovering above
Or the tragedy of the star-crossed
And vivid affairs, gone and lost
As affection continues to elude
In the labyrinth of solitude?

Is life a vortex of sorrow
Of pious platitudes, clear and hollow
Two men, searching in folly
Waiting in vain for the otherworldy
Or the pilgrim in his lonesome–
Journey to That Which Is to Come?

Is life a perpetual deception
Through potion without concoction
Only by sleight of hand and lust
Of those who anoints stardust
And imperial trappings of the sage
To those dying to quell their rage?

Is life the here and the now
Not asking what, why, nor how
No looking back, no second chance
Such is the chalice for the nonce
Brief encounters, a fleeting idea
Basking in momentary euphoria?

Or is life a mere sojourn
In the way we choose to turn
As a scion awaiting his heirloom
And solace, before his doom
At the setting of the sun,
When the hurly burly’s done?


A response to WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: 1000 Words

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