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Nayong Pilipino Orchidarium

A couple of years back, local artists frequented Nayong Pilipino Orchidarium to draw and paint the blooms, the butterflies, and the backdrop scenery. This 1.5-hectare garden inside Rizal Park was once the site of an environmental advocacy organization, a restaurant, and a butterfly pavilion, making it a favorite venue for weddings, receptions, and anniversary celebrations.



In January 2013, the Nayong Pilipino Foundation relocated in the same area and started the Orchidarium’s rehabilitation. Today, the Orchidarium serves as a viable venue for various events such as photo shoots while preparations for future plans are underway. Included in the missions are demonstrations and lectures on orchid propagation in Nayong Pilipino’s laboratories.


But just what is an orchid? Belonging to the orchid family is a diverse group of vibrantly colorful flowering plants. There are over tens of thousands species of orchids and hundreds of thousands man-made hybrids. What makes an orchid orchid? According to this website, it lies in its parts occurring in threes: three petals, and three sepals; and having a column, which contains the reproductive organs. Shared below are some of the orchids currently blooming in Nayong Pilipino Orchidarium:



10502367_10152541729229890_1455750719169685576_n 10464020_10152541728624890_4110883732894244172_n 10489886_10152541727139890_3980921639922330210_n 10534635_10152541730949890_4512436826185669317_n Aside from Orchids… 🙂


At the time of our visit, the flowers are not yet in full bloom and facilities are not yet completely operational (That’s why we had a discount!). A few months from now, it is expected that Nayong Pilipino Orchidarium will be brighter than it was during its heyday, highlighting the vast homegrown orchid species. 🙂

*** Address: Orchidarium Rizal Park, Ermita Metro Manila, Ermita, Manila Operating hours: Mon – Sun, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Contact numbers: 405-0279 (telefax); 405-0377 Email address:


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