Barefoot Running

“Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running.”
— Julie Isphording, retired American long distance runner
Learning to appreciate the joy of joining fun runs, and feeling quite accomplished about having my first 10k run at the NatGeo Run early this year, I’ve recently tried my feet on the unfamiliar territory of barefoot running.

Also known as minimalism or natural running, barefoot running is slowly being recognized as a better way of running. And although scientific research has yet to arrive at a consensus on the benefits of barefoot running, many athletes claim that it can help one run faster with less injury.

The other night, I’ve tried running barefooted and really felt the difference in terms of comfort. It feels freer. However, not all surfaces are suitable for this kind of running. Only asphalt ground, such as in ovals and sports centers, can accommodate barefoot running. It is also a must for a barefoot runner to be extra mindful of hygiene and be more cautious about any foreign objects he or she may step onto. And oh, if you’re not very comfortable with showing off your tootsies, it’s best to do it at night! 🙂

barefoot For other toe-related posts, checkout the Toemail Community. 🙂


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