Shiro the Bear

Social media such as Instagram has long been proven to consume one’s life time and has been criticized for being an instrument to project a false and pretentious image of people’s otherwise mediocre lives. However, a notable number of Instagrammers have been able to turn it around and maximize the photo-sharing tool to boost their business, art, career, advocacy, and self-motivation. One of its powerful features is the hashtag through which users are directed to posts relating to a specified and targeted topic. The key is to make a hashtag as unique as possible to generate the desired search results.

In an attempt to find beauty and meaning in the mundane, the hashtag #makeitblissful by @martindeluna has become a widely-participated campaign in the Instagram community. Similarly, in my contemplation to make Instagram a less futile endeavor, I’ve created the hasthtag #AdventuresOfShiroTheBear with the hopes of spreading positivity (with a great deal of cuteness!) in our everyday dealings, aside from practicing a bit of my pseudo-photography skills. 😉 And if by sharing snapshots of Shiro edited with a light and dreamy filter in your feed I am able to paint a smile on your face, my goal would have been realized. 🙂



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