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Oats in a Jar

Being a night owl and thus a self-confessed late riser, breakfast does not necessarily exist in my daily schedule. And since the morning meal is often dubbed as the “most important meal of the day”, skipping it has always been discouraged. In my quest to restore my faith in breakfast, I’ve discovered one of the newest kitchen experiments spreading online: Overnight Oats.

Preparing Overnight Oats (also known as Oats in a Jar or OIAJ) is as simple as its name would suggest. In short terms, it paints beautiful mornings with effortless healthy breakfast fix. 🙂 Here’s how it’s done:

Look for empty glass jars like peanutbutter jars. For this purpose, I’ve used two pint-sized mason jars. Next is to prepare all the ingredients which mainly comprise of, as you may guess, oats.


Aside from oats, other staple ingredients of Overnight Oats include milk and yogurt. Ideally, old fashioned rolled oats and Greek yogurt are to be preferred over other types. There is more leeway when it comes to the milk. Skim milk, soya, buttermilk, almond milk, or any other kinds of milk will do.

Other ingredients depend on what you want to mix with your oats. Some of the common ones are fruits (preferably dried such as raisins), nuts (walnut, almond, or cashew), seeds (chia), spices (cinnamon), jam and honey.

Basically, these yummy goodies are to be piled one on top of the other. My friend and I decided to start with the muesli.


In addition to muesli, we used strawberries, cashews, instant oats, evaporated milk, grocery yogurt, and chia seeds for our OIAJ.


When it comes to the sequence of layering, it doesn’t matter which goes next. It’s really up to you!

Then when the jar is filled to the brim with creamy goodness, it is stored in the fridge overnight.


Come breakfast time, you have the option to heat it in the microwave oven or enjoy it cold and chunky.


So there, with just a little thought-through and an empty jar, you can have a no-cook, fibrous, and chewy breakkie. 🙂

And oh, make sure to have fun doing it and enjoy the finished product!



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