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The Chemistea Reaction

Every now and then we scout for new places where we can unwind and hangout with friends. But what makes a good tambayan? For this case study, let’s take a look at what’s brewing in this emerging milk tea café along Shorthorn Street in Quezon City and see why it is slowly becoming a trending subject of daily chitchats and tweets.


1. The beverage 

Chemistea offers quite a selection of delicious drinks like Asian specialty teas and coffee. You can choose to make your beverage hot or cold, regular or mild, with or without particles. You can even be a #ScienTEAst and create your own mixture!

Clockwise: (1) hot Matcha Espresso, (2) Pineapple Mint and Cha Yen, (3) Nai Cha, and (4) Milo Dinosaur


2. The flask

This is probably the most unique experience you can get from Chemistea! Their unconventional use of Erlenmeyer flasks as drinking glasses is part of their cool concept of a Chemistry-themed café. The tapered sides and narrow neck of this flask allow the contents of the flask to be mixed by swirling, without risk of spillage, something that is great for milk teas. Also, adding milk to your teas and coffee has never been this cool—straight from test tubes in a customized wooden rack.

3. The Wi-Fi

While sipping your yummy beverage, you can…browse the web, check your social media updates, send a quick email, post a photo, swipe rows of colorful bursting candies, and a whole lot more  using Chemistea’s free Wi-Fi service 🙂

4. The games and books

games and books

For your alone time, good books and informative magazines can accompany you. If you’re with your barkada, you can choose from the classic games of Chess, Scrabble, and Boggle, to all-time favorites: Monopoly, Uno, and Jenga Boom to the newer choices of gamers such as Pandemic, Seasons, and Arkham Horror—and soon, Avalon! The picture above shows some of the fun board games and good reads to spend your time with. Chemistea, indeed, is an ideal place to bond! (Did you see what I did there? ^_^)


5. The pastries

To pair with their milk teas and coffee, Chemistea offers desserts baked without scrimping on ingredients.

Clockwise: (1) New York cheesecake cups in strawberry, (2) brownie, (3) , their best-selling New York cheesecake cups in strawberry and blueberry combo, and (4) chocolate chip cookies


6. The quality

As written on their official Facebook page: “Spiced doesn’t have to mean spicy.” Chemistea doesn’t blend instant drinks like what some milk tea shops do where your drink is basically powder diluted in water. As an example, this is what goes into their freshly brewed Masala Chai Latte: Star Anise, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves and Nutmeg—warm Indian spices complemented with creamy milk and sweetness. 🙂

7. The ambiance

A one-of-a-kind milk tea and coffee adventure at Chemistea is a product not only of a well-thought concept and quality products and customer service but also of a welcoming and cozy ambiance 🙂

Needless to say, Chemistea is the newest must-try. For all of these seven elements comprise the chain reaction that is known to be the Chemistea experience!


Chemistea is owned by bestfriends Gabelle and Jessica and is located at #44 (2nd floor) Legacy Bldg, Shorthorn St., Barangay Bahay Toro, Project 8, 1106 Quezon City, Philippines


38 thoughts on “The Chemistea Reaction

  1. hi. Im frim lassale taft ave.. And i really want to go to ur milk tea shop with my friends but we have no idea how to get there faster and easier.
    Could u help us out?

    1. Hello. You may direct your inquiries to them thru their FB page 🙂 Pero the easiest way is to take the LRT to Roosevelt station and from there take the jeep going to project 8. 🙂

      1. Yung jeep po ba from Roosevelt to Proj. 8, dadaan na sa mismo sa may Legacy building? And ano po yung landmarks nearby? 🙂

  2. hi its barangay bahay toro not toro hills
    though so proud you have feature some thing in our community
    (p.s toro hills is the elementary school nearby)

  3. When i saw this pic on my friend’s fb I was like OMGGGG I wanna go to this place!!! Not knowing that it was only few blocks from my house hahaha!!! like seriously??? Haha I will surely go there!!!

  4. Hi,

    Is there any way that you will open for franchise in the future?

    It’s looks very interesting. How to do we got your place from taguig?

  5. Nice blog! Thank you for sharing your experience with Chemistea. It’s high time hangouts here feature board games to spice up bonding times with the barkada 🙂

  6. I am a chemist by profession. In the real lab, it’s never a good practice to drink from your lab glasswares. But whatever, they’re dedicated for food. I’ll definitely go here later and will be a camera poser. Lol! Thanks for the commuting directions (in the comments section), by the way

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