In the Grand Scheme of Things

Aside from humility,  long-suffering, and love, another crucial trait we need to develop is positivity. It is very vital for us to keep a positive attitude if we intend to say the right words and make the right decisions in every situation. It is said that attitude is like a flat tire–unless you fix it, you won’t go anywhere. And that the difference between a good day and a bad day, is attitude.

Life’s experiences have taught me that in order for us to maintain a positive attitude, we ought to look at things on a bigger picture and on the brighter side. Most of the time, we tend to dwell on the pain, hurt, and anger when we focus on the petty, the temporary, and the present. As human beings, we tend to neglect the fact that bad experiences are actually petty and fleeting in comparison to our current blessings and future reward. Unpleasantness and discomfort are just part and parcel of our life which will altogether contribute to our growth and maturity. So it’s best to remind ourselves that in the final analysis, the incident will work out together for the better.

Hot air balloons are beautiful symbols for positivity– of looking at the bigger picture and brighter side of things 🙂 I adore hot air balloons immensely. Although I have not gone up in one, I can only imagine being afloat in the sky and feeling that there are so much more to life than whatever superficial pursuits we have… The photos below were taken during the 19th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark Air Base, Pampanga, on February 15, 2015. The first two images are my entries to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds. And while we’re at it, let’s check out other entries to this week’s photo challenge as well. 🙂



Here are other shots captured during the wonderful event:




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