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Chemistea: More Than Just a Pretty Flask

Four months ago, I posted a write-up on the auspicious beginnings of Chemistea that has stoked up the interest of quite a good deal of milk tea shop goers. And my opinion still won’t change—not even for all the tea in China. Of course, notwithstanding Chemistea having garnered massive accolade (TV5 News, Expat Newspaper, and Doon Po Sa Amin PH, to mention a few) for their innovative concept especially from the youngsters to which they cater, there were those who left Shorthorn St. with unmet expectations. One customer expressed that the only thing that makes customers flock to Chemistea is their use of Erlenmeyer flasks as drinking glasses, with which the former would take their selfies.

Photo by Reish, in her blog post: A Happy Bee at Chemistea
Photo by Reish, in her blog post: A Happy Bee at Chemistea

However, the use of flasks isn’t only for aesthetic purposes but also for practical reasons: it reduces the risk of spillage and is more eco-friendly than plastic cups. More importantly, Chemistea isn’t just named so because of the conical laboratory glassware; it is most especially because of their drinks’ mixture.

Chemistea's signature Matcha Espresso
Chemistea’s signature Matcha Espresso

What sets Chemistea apart from most milk tea shops is the amount of tea contained in their drinks. Yes, concentrating on the tea-ness of the milk teas and not on the sweetness may render the beverages less sweet than those offered by mainstream brands, but, who wants sugar in water anyway? Tea drinkers know just how sweet-less pure tea tastes. But this is where Chemistea comes in: concocting drinks with a healthy dose of tea and turning them into delicious milk teas and fruiteas. For instance, their Asian specialty teas—Cha Yen (Thai iced tea), Masala (Indian spiced milk tea), Nai Cha (Hong Kong milk tea), and Matcha Latte (Japanese green tea)—taste like listening to the soothing music of sizhu and koto, with occasional caffeinated burps.

Moreover, cold beverages are served not just in flasks, but also in layers of infusing blend of tea goodness you can enjoy in rich color. The types of tea they use as base—black, jasmine, and oolong—are extracted from pure and unflavored loose-leaf teas. The syrups are Italian, not the more common ones from Taiwan and Korea. The coffee, as well, is local and organic, from the Italian roast Arabica-Robusta beans.

Enriched with Vitamin C, a flask of Strawberry Jasmine can serve as a remedy for colds --- a sheer proof of Chemistea's dedication to promote health and wellness :)
Strawberry Jasmine can help ease your colds — a sheer proof of Chemistea’s effort to promote health 🙂

Chemistea’s make-your-own-drink feature is also another reason to merit bearing its name. With it, you can experiment with the menu staples and mix add-ons, too, such as chocolate sauce, espresso shot, cocoa, salted caramel, coffee jelly, and particles like pearl, nata, egg pudding, cheese froth and yogurt-popping-boba. And if you are a huge stickler for sweets, you don’t have to worry either for you can always request for a milder tea blend.

In more ways than one, Chemistea is a fusion of both worlds. This blogger nailed it when she said that Chemistea is an all-in-one milk tea place that appeals to both the hipsters and the geeks. Comfy ambiance, Wi-Fi service, and Instagram-worthy flasks and black-and-pink pipes fascinate the yuppie in us. Chemical laboratory-themed hangout, good books, and an assortment of awesome tabletop games tickle the scientist in us. But above all these, steeping and brewing quality beverages remains to be Chemistea’s cup of tea.

Chemistea’s main branch is in Project 8, Quezon City at Legacy Building but you can also find them in Pasig under the new board game cafe Dyce-and-Dyne at Elements Rosemarie building.


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