A First Timer’s Quick Guide to Mt. Pamitinan

The first man to ever stand atop Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary, was quoted saying: “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” I’ve proven this to be true when I climbed my first mountain. I struggled every step to the summit and had to literally drag myself up in the process. My friends and some other strangers who saw me were kidding that I looked like I just came out from a battle. And I did. It was a battle with myself.


If you are a seasoned hiker, this blog post will most probably bore you. 😛 As the title implies, this quick guide was whipped up for those who will embark on their first climb at Mt. Pamitinan. Located in Barangay Wawa Rodriguez Rizal, Mt. Pamitinan is one of the newly-explored mountains for outdoor enthusiasts, with a difficulty level of 4/9. Here are some basic pointers:

1. SHOES: Securing a stalwart footwear is number one on our list. Finding the right gear lies in knowing the terrain on which you will be treading. For instance, the trail to Mt. Pamitinan is divided into two: the “assault” part and the “bouldering” part. Hiking slippers (e.g. Sandugo’s and Tribu’s) may provide more support for the assault part which is the muddy and slippery uphill climb. However, closed rubber shoes (e.g. spiked hiking shoes or trainer shoes) can protect your feet in the bouldering part where huge rocks will be climbed. Either of these two would work just fine; just choose whichever you are more comfortable wearing. Also, I’ve learned the hard way to never hike with shoes worn for the first time.

2. TOP: Unlike cold mountains such as Mt. Pulag, trekking Mt. Pamitinan can be sweltering even before sunrise. So it is not wise to wear long-sleeved top such as a rash guard (I’ve learned this the hard way, too!). A short-sleeved “dri-fit” shirt would do. 😉

3. PANTS: It is better to wear long pants instead of shorts to protect your legs from scratches that can be obtained from rough boulders. For women who will go for a pair of tights, it is advisable to wear shorts over it—according to our guide, there were some women who had their leggings ripped at the back. Consequently, go for elastic compression garments rather than cotton fashion leggings.

4. GLOVES: Gloves with rubber underneath is a must for the bouldering part of this hike. You can buy a pair at Daiso or Saizen, for P88.

A glimpse of the boulders :) (Photo c/o Ms. Precious S.)
A glimpse of the boulders 🙂 (Photo c/o Mrs. Precious S.)

5. BAG AND THINGS: A knapsack/backpack is a good choice for it provides more balance than sling bags and belt bags. A flashlight is also needed if you will start your trek before sunrise (which is the ideal time). Aside from water, snack, and flashlight, other items to bring are change of clothes, disinfectant, and whistle in case of danger. A tip from our hiker friend: avoid bringing unnecessary stuff as it is more convenient to hike with a lighter load.

6. WATER: This depends on your hydration needs. In my case, I get thirsty quite too often so in hindsight, I should have brought at least two liters of water. There are a couple of kiosks selling cold beverages at the first stop but if your climb is before sunrise, you will probably catch them on your way down.

7. PREPARATION: The best preparation for any hiking activity is cardio exercise because above all, an uphill climb tests one’s endurance. However, if you are a beginner, do not feel compelled to keep up with your more experienced companions’ pace. Mt. Pamitinan also requires rock scrambling skills so it is ideal if you have an experience on this kind of activity. Make sure to have enough sleep, too. A well-rested mind and body is better than any energy drink!

8. GOING AROUND: In front of Jollibee in Cubao Farmers, ride an FX going to Montalban. From there, take a tricycle going to DENR office where you will meet your local guide (The bathroom can be used here—It is a must to pass water before starting the climb). As much as possible, contact a guide ahead of time, otherwise, you will have to wait for an available one and you might miss the sunrise. The guide costs P500 for every 10 people. Not far from the office is where you will register and give a donation of any amount. Down from the mountain, you can have lunch at a nearby eatery and change clothes in a public restroom.

9. PICTURE TAKING: For those who love capturing photos, Mt. Pamitinan has two peaks where you and your friends can take pictures. The famous “buwis-buhay” ledge is in the penultimate one, but always prioritize safety above everything else! 🙂

At the second peak  (Original unedited picture c/o Ruth O.)
At the penultimate peak
(Original unedited picture c/o Ruth O.)
View from the penultimate peak :)
View from the penultimate peak 🙂

10. ATTITUDE AND MINDSET: If this is your first climb, expect it to be challenging. But the key is to have a determined attitude. Our guide has told stories about climbers who quit in the middle and wait for their friends down or simply go home. In my case, I wanted to stop halfway through the climb (my feet were aching from my new shoes, my rash guard made it harder to breathe, I barely had an hour of sleep, and I was not physically fit for it, not to mention my fear of heights!!!). However, it does pay to have dear friends (and kuya guide!) to help and encourage us every step of the way! 😉

View from the main summit
View from the final summit

According to this blog post, other activities can also be done in Wawa Gorge like spelunking at Pamitinan Cave and Bat Cave, jogging at the Wawa Dam, trail running through Wawa Gorge, swimming, rock climbing, and going for the Mt. Pamitinan–Mt. Binacayan Twin Hike. 🙂

I hope this post has given you quite an idea of what it is like to hike at Mt. Pamitinan as a first timer. 🙂

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50 thoughts on “A First Timer’s Quick Guide to Mt. Pamitinan

      1. Going back to this comment after a couple of months. I can’t believe I’ve been to Pamitinan and more. Thank you for the inspiration!

  1. Hello, I’ll be climbing this Nov. 18 , with hubby and friends, though my first climbed is the Arosip eco trail down to Zim-sim ug twin falls in Bacnotan La union. I have no experience in rock climbing 😦 is it possible to climb without going thru the big boulders (buwis buhay part) as i saw from the photo, it really is “buwis buhay” up to the summit.

    1. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Unfortunately, you really have to climb a lot of big boulders in order to get to the summit 😦 However, it is not necessary to climb the ‘buwis buhay’ ledge that I showed in the picture for it is just an optional picture-taking spot 😉

  2. Hi girl we will be clmbing with my friends on sunday and wer looking for a guide,would u recommend me ur tour guide when u climb..😃

    1. Hello there, Jhie! Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t recall the name of our guide 😦 But you can just go there anytime and they always have some guides available 🙂 But here’s one, the guide of a friend: 09993652005 (Noknok) 🙂 Hope this helps!

  3. We will climb on the 10th of the month..haha kinakabahan ako sana kayanin ko..first climb q po sa Mt. Balagbag then last year pa yun..makaya ko kaya to 🙂 thanks sa blog mo ate atleast kahit papano may hint na aq..sana makaya q

    1. Hello Bethy! Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. I’m glad that this short guide has sort of helped you prepare for your climb. 🙂 Unang akyat ko ang Mt. Pamitinan kaya sobrang nahirapan talaga ako. Muntik na akong sumuko pero pinilit ko lang talaga. 😀 Kung kaya ko, mas kaya mo yan! 😉

  4. thank you for sharing helpful tips and for encouraging everyone to try this experience! will be there on the summit, Feb 7 😀

  5. thank you for sharing, this is really helpful. We will climb tomorrow and I feel so excited but also nervous since it’s my first time umakyat ng bundok. hahahaha.

  6. salamat sa info ma’am.. this is a big help.. may question lang po ako…akyat po kase kami bukas ng pamitinan at binacayan ask ko lang po sana kung advisable mag hi-cut na hiking shoes.. medyo makapal kasi sya.. hindi po ba ako mahihirapan sa pag akyat?.. thanks in advance..

    1. Hello, Ikay! Thanks for appreciating my blog post. 🙂 As for your query, it depends. First, it’s vital to make sure that your feet won’t be hurt while wearing that particular pair for a long time of uphill climbing. In my case, my shoes were new so my feet terribly hurt. Secondly, you have to consider the terrain. I think your high-cut shoes will work just fine on the muddy part, but not so much on the bouldering part because climbing huge rocks requires something that is a bit more flexible than most hiking shoes. But don’t worry too much, I think you can manage as long as you have enough preparation, determined attitude, and people to help and guide you. Enjoy the climb!!! 🙂

  7. Hi Reg,

    My girlfriend and I together with our friend are planning to hike in Mt Pamitinan this coming May, I just want to ask if where can we get a local guide. At yung amount po ba naka depende sa dami ng tao sa isang group?…This is going to be our first hike ksi. hehe..Your response po is greatly appreciated…Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Hello Renzo! Thanks for dropping by. Though you can just hire a guide upon getting there, it’s still better to contact one prior to the climb so you won’t have to wait for an available one and miss the sunrise. Here’s one, the guide of a friend:09993652005 – Noknok. The guide costs P500 for every 10 people. Hope this helps! Have a great climb with your companions! 🙂

      1. awesome!…thanks for the immediate response…this come in handy…we will share our pics here once we’re on the summit..hehe..thanks again and God Bless 😉

  8. Hi! Me and my friends were planning to go hiking in mt. Pamitinan. May binebenta ba dun na gloves? How much yun? And regarding sa shoes, ang balak ko kasi isuot is running shoes, okay lang ba yun?

    1. Hello Gela! Ang sabi sa amin meron daw nabibili doon pero hindi ko napansin nung pumunta kami, kaya baka much better kung makabili na kayo beforehand. Meron sa Daiso, nasa P80 lang, may rubber na yung ilalim. 🙂 As for the shoes, I think okay naman ang running shoes as long as comfortable ang paa mo. Basta remember na dalawa ang terrain: uphill na maputik (kung umulan the previous night), and yung malalaki’t magagaspang na bato. 🙂 Hope this helps. Good luck!!! 😀

  9. Great that I got to visit this site before our climb at Paminitan tom 🙂 I still have a chance for a change of clothing 🙂
    I appreciate that the article is an easy read 🙂 thanks

  10. Hmmm after reading your post, parang i want to quit na. I like trekking and spelunking, but I don’t know sa hiking. Maybe I’ll just remember the “quote” and use it as my battle cry :p
    thanks sa tips! mabuhay!

    1. Hi there. Sorry if my post made you feel that way. But I just want to be honest that based on my experience, it was really not easy esp for beginners. But the good thing about it is that we can take it as a challenge to be push our limits that will eventually make us stronger 🙂

  11. This was the first mountain I was able to climb. It was exhilarating and tiring (I have to be honest). But yes, it was worth it. I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to take my next hike this month.

    Tour guide, Kuya Orly – 09100505562 / 09309208047

  12. Hi na inspire ako lalo hehhe first time namin ng kapatid ko pupunta kmi nxtweek kaya lng worries namin bka hnd pwd mag hike baka masayang byahe namin:(

    May pwd kayang tawagan doon to confirm also ok lng ba if 2 lang kmi or need na madami tlga tnx much:)

  13. hello po. thanks po for sharing your experience. ask ko lng 1st time ko dn po kcng umakyat advisable po b yung mgtwin hike or isang mountain lng po muna dpat? ndi ko po kc alam yung difficulty eh. thanks po sa reply 🙂

    1. Hello Kristine! I hope my response is not yet too late… If you’re a beginner and not very athletic, I suggest you just climb one mountain first. But if you’re physically fit (like if you exercise regularly), and is up for some adventure, then you can try a twin hike. Just make sure to have a guide with you 😊

  14. Hi , I just want to ask if you still have a contact for tour guide. Me and my friends are planning to go there on 23. Thanks in advance! ☺

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