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Food Feature: District 1 Grill and Sizzler in Marikina

The looming trend of the foodie era makes restaurants sprout like mushrooms after a rainy day, employing different gimmicks to lure customers in. But a new restaurant in Marikina, District 1 Grill and Sizzler, keeps it simple. No gimmicks. Just real, great tasting, and affordable food — the three things I like about this eatery:

1. Real food: To encourage people to get out of the fastfood limbo, District 1 offers “real food” like your mother’s steamy home-cooked meals and Filipino staple viands such as Bulalo, Sisig, and Kare-kare (pictured below).


Panghimagas (dessert) ~ Leche Flan
Panghimagas (dessert) ~ Leche Flan

2. Yummy food: District 1 makes sure their meals are delicious and appreciates honest feedback to make them even yummier. Their best-sellers include Buffalo Chicken, Sizzling Bulalo Sisig, and their Boodle bundles served on banana leaves. My personal favorite is the Cheesy Beef Caldereta (pictured below).


One of their best sellers: Beef Bulalo Sisig
One of their best sellers: Sizzling Bulalo Sisig

3. Affordable food: What I like most about District 1 is that they offer decent meals in such an affordable price range. Suitable for practical barkada blowout and those family dine-outs!


But wait, there’s more! They also have videoke upon request 🙂

The newest tambayan ni Marikina ;)
The newest tambayan ni Marikina 😉

Visit District 1 Grill and Sizzler at Katipunan Street, Concepcion Uno, 1807 Marikina Valley Subdivision, Rizal, Philippines.

Contact them at: (02) 404 4879

Follow them on Instagram: @district1grill and visit their Facebook page for updates: District 1 Grill and Sizzler. And while you’re at it, why don’t you hit the thumbs up sign, too? 😉


I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Reach me via Instagram (@starrlabear), by sending me an email at, or through Facebook >>> here!


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