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Kiddie Arts and Crafts

There is little doubt that technology’s impact today is fracturing young minds and causing a meltdown of core values that were once the fabric that held families together. With the amount of gadgets being used in this digital age, kids tend to heavily rely on technology for the majority of their play time, thereby limiting the opportunities to hone their creativity and imagination.

As a means to counter this, a monthly Kids Arts and Crafts activity was initiated in our church. The primary aim is to teach children to make the most out of their time by doing worthwhile activities apart from their usual playing routine. For a designated hour after Sabbath services, they would have a chance to concentrate and focus their minds on purposeful projects.

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Facilitated by three adults and usually participated by 15 children, each session revolves around an overall theme. The themes laid out for the rest of the year include: Sabbath cards, Mother’s Day cards, Pentecost art, Recreation Day art, Favorite Scripture lettering, and “Tomorrow’s World” – inspired Animal Stone art for the Feast of Tabernacles. A notable instance was last month’s session that was all about “Get well soon” cards. One of the outputs, which was a card decorated with hearts being poured out of a medicine bottle, conveying the message that our love could comfort and heal others, was sent to a minister who was then recovering from his illness.


Indeed, the Kids Arts and Crafts activity is a wonderful way to nurture the youngsters’ creative talents, resourceful attitude, cognitive skills, and self-expression. More importantly, when conducted accordingly, this endeavor may also enable children to learn about team work, patience, sharing with others what they have, following basic instructions, and fundamental truths about God’s way.


Ultimately, it is hoped that this pursuit would instill in the children the value of redeeming the time, which would certainly paint a smile on God’s face!



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