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Feline Friends at Miao Cat Café

"What greater gift than the love of a cat." – Charles Dickens

Being afraid of cats for as long as I can remember, not once have I thought that I'd learn to adore them leg-clinging furballs. I used to repel them so much this blog post will cause my sister to be shookt! LOL.  But now that I am slowly but surely blossoming as a cat lover, my full-pledged cat lady mentor friend and I Ubered our way to Miao Cat Café with much eagerness and anticipation. 😊

(Tip: If booking Uber or Grab, pin Cake2Go in Congressional Avenue instead of Miao Cat Café. From our experience, the pin for Miao Cat Café is wrong that we had to walk a good fifteen minutes further on to get to the place).

Miao Cat Cafe is one of the handful cat-themed cafes in the metropolis. It is especially notable for its more than 20 feline pets of various breeds such as persian, british shorthair, scottish fold, munchkin, maine coon, and himalayan or ragdoll. Here are some:

Based on my friend's visit two years ago and on other blog reviews, much has changed since the cafe opened in 2015, such as the interiors and merchandise items. Also, unlike before, there's no need to book for a reservation since walk-ins are now allowed. There is no time limit anymore, as well. Still, some rules remain implemented like disinfecting before playing with the cats, signing of waiver, changing of shoes into the slippers provided, turning off of camera flash before taking photos, and not feeding of cats with human food – but some cats snatched our food anyway! 😂

The entrance fee is P300 which includes one complimentary food and one complimentary drink of choice. Their menu consists of pastas, sandwiches, pastries, and finger snacks for the food, and milkteas, frappes, and juices for the drink. Aside from their Metrodeal promo, they also offer a discount for this month of July — slashing P100 off the bill if you donate a box (any box sturdy and big enough for a cat would do).

Of course, as in any establishment, the cafe could use a little more improvement especially on the general upkeep of the place. But all in all, my friends and I enjoyed a purr-fect afternoon at Miao Cat Café. 😊

Cat-titude on point!

Address: 7 Congressional Avenue 2/F Cake2Go Quezon City
Contact number: (02)3664534
Operating hours: Every day, 11AM to 10AM


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