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Kawaii Journaling 💕

To say that I’m a fan of using planners and journals is an understatement. I’ve heavily relied on them for my daytime schedules and nighttime reflections for as long as I can remember. From a simple diary, I love how it eventually evolved into various kinds such as bullet journal, traveler’s notebook, gratitude log, and morning pages, to name a few.

For more than a decade of being a planner and journal enthusiast, I’ve finally found what I call the “dream journal” when I discovered Kawaii Journaling by Kaila Ocampo, A.K.A. Rainbowholic, a Filipina kawaii lifestyle blogger and content creator based in Japan. What I love the most about Kaila’s journaling is that it is always bustling with so much positivity and inspiration. Here are some of my many favorite spreads:


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So just what is Kawaii Journaling? As its name suggests, kawaii journaling is a blanket terminology referring to any type of journaling that uses “kawaii” (a Japanese word which means “cute”) designs. Content-wise, a kawaii journal is quite flexible: it can be a record of positive things that happen every day, a scrapbook of keepsakes, a visualization “board” for short and long term goals, a logbook of things to be grateful for, and the list goes on. Personally, kawaii journaling first appealed to me because it combines my love for documenting memories, and my fascination with kawaii stationery (!!!). Here’s my first attempt at kawaii journaling:


As Kaila always says, there are no rules in kawaii journaling. But of course, there are some basic guidelines. For instance, it is very important to find the ideal notebook or planner for your style. Like Kaila, I use Hobonichi Techo A6 because although it is quite pricey, it uses high-grade 52 gsm Tomoe River paper that is perfect for designing using different materials and art media. Also, its size is just right to fill up with daily entries. Other craft tools to have include glue stick, scissors, clips, and colored pens.

Stationery supplies to stock up on are adhesive materials such as sticker flakes, sticker sheets, decoration tapes (like correction tapes but with colorful patterns), and high quality washi tapes such as MT. Additional embellishments include memo pads of various shapes and designs, and ephemera items that fit your theme. Memorabilia pieces such as photos, tickets, and tags make journal spreads extra special and personalized. Kaila teaches how to print sticker photos as well as how to make a mini desk paper trashcan in this video. She also shares some basic tips and tricks in Kawaii Journaling 101.

Here are some of the materials I bought in my first haul:


One of the reasons why I do kawaii journaling is because it helps me maintain a positive attitude amidst struggles and challenges by reminding myself of the purpose that motivates me to keep going.


Another reason why I prefer kawaii journaling is because it is a fun way to chronicle my simple joys, small triumphs, and memorable experiences. Here are some pages from my recent trip to Thailand:




Lastly, I appreciate kawaii journaling because it helps me be creative in visualizing my passion and dreams.




Indeed, kawaii journaling is not only a fun way of documenting past experiences and planning future goals, but also a means to fill up the pages of our life with positivity that we can flip through in the years to come. 💕

9 thoughts on “Kawaii Journaling 💕

  1. OMG! Your spreads are so lovely! And I haven’t really thanked you yet for introducing Kawaii Journaling to me when you posted about your spread on IG. 🙂 So, Thank you! 😀
    I wish my spreads are as lively and cute as yours and Kaila and everyone else in the community. But I enjoy journaling more these days because of Kawaii Journaling. ❤

    1. Hello Kat!!! Waahh it’s been a while! Hope you are doing well! THANK YOU SO MUCH for still reading my (fewer and fewer) posts, haha! Oh wow, I’m so glad to know that you were inspired to try kawaii journaling, and that you enjoy it!!! I would like to see some of your journal pages, too! 😀❤

  2. Your blog is really a reminder of positivity. I find this kind of journaling fun and cute! Would love try this sooon💗

    1. Hi there, Louiesse! Thank you very much for your continued support in my blog. I really appreciate you stopping by to read my post & to leave a heartwarming comment. Yasss, do try kawaii journaling and let me know what you think! I miss you! 💗💗💗

      1. Hi Ate Starr! Belated Happy Birthday! Am I that too late to greet you? ❤ I missed you too! 🙂 I had an idea of making this Kawaii Journaling as a gift for one of my closest friend who loves tiny artsy notebook. hehe
        will always look forward reading your posts. Lots of love!

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