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My Favorite YouTubers: 3 Girls Inspiring the World to Dream

Tiffany, Ruby, and Kaila may have come from different backgrounds and pursue different passions. But they share one thing in common: they are among the handful of young ladies who use the platform of social media to edify other people’s lives through their impressive achievements and positive attitude. By showing the world that working hard daily is what it really means to dream, they propel others to be the best version of themselves. Indeed, their influence makes clicking that ‘subscribe’ button more than worth it.

1. Tiffany Poon, 22, USA | Music 

YouTube: Tiffany Poon

Tiffany Poon 1
Photo from Tiffany Poon’s official Facebook page

According to her website, Tiffany was born in Hong Kong, was accepted into the Juilliard School on a full scholarship at the age of 8, and made her solo and concerto debut in the USA at 10 years old. Since then, she has given performances around the globe. But despite the feats and accolades, Tiffany remains humble and down-to-earth. Through her YouTube videos, this child prodigy shows that it is not just talent or even privilege that makes one successful. Of course they do help but more than that, it takes laboring for hours on end. However, aside from pursuing her own personal goals, she also has a much bigger role — a noble cause — to fulfill. In her words:

“…My mission is to inspire all generations, the old and the new, to appreciate classical music using social media. As a classical pianist living in the 21st century, I feel privileged and obligated to revive classical music. Prior to social media, it is easy to perceive classical music as something old, distant and removed from our modern society…There seems to be a disconnect between classical music and the “real world.” With YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc, I can bridge that mysterious gap between classical music and the modern audience.”

Tiffany Poon 2

2. Ruby Granger,* 19, UK | Studying & Productivity 

YouTube: Ruby Granger

Ruby Granger 1
Typical Ruby! Photo from her Instagram account

An avid fan of Hermione Granger (thus the monicker), Ruby have loved to read and learn from such a young age. As a “studytuber,” she posts regular content on her YouTube channel, focusing on the promotion of a productive, wholesome, and intentional lifestyle which has become known as the #GrangerLifestyle. Watching her routine vlogs and motivational videos, one can immediately tell how sweet, pure-hearted, and special this bookworm is. With her exceptional discipline, values, and appreciation for studying, Ruby is a breath of fresh air! In her old website, she shares:

“In my opinion, curiosity and its subsequent understanding of the world are essential to living a fulfilled life. I want to encourage this enthusiasm in other people because, most unfortunately, many girls my age and younger do not enjoy school. My principal aim is to promote education as the gift that it is, not only encouraging success and appreciation but also enjoyment. Studying is supposed to be fun!”

Ruby Granger 2

*not her real name

3. Kaila Ocampo, 28, Japan | Creativity

YouTube: rainbowholicTV

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

By the simple fact that I just recently featured Kaila in a previous post on kawaii journaling, you would know how awesome she is! A Filipina blogger and content creator based in Japan, this independent artist continues to aspire for greater things and teaches her followers to do the same. Having went through hardships and trials, she is a firm believer that limitations should not hinder one from accomplishing his or her goals. For this ray of sunshine, the keys are patience, perseverance, and positivity. She says:

“My dreams are worth the sacrifices and I do believe that I deserve the best life that I could possibly imagine. Even if you just have zero or even in a negative situation, you can turn around your life upside-down and improve it day by day. The answer depends on you and how hard you are planning to work for those goals.”

Kaila Ocampo 4.jpg

Tiffany, Ruby, and Kaila may be young, but they have proven that one can be a successful social media influencer without click-baits, vanity-driven posts, attention-seeking attitude — just passion, character, and a dream. Hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me! ❤

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