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Kawaii Journaling Challenge: Reset

For the months of May and June, kawaii journaling enthusiasts and content creators, @rainbowholic and @chichilittle, initiated the #ResetKawaiiJournalingChallenge2019. Below are the general instructions and prompt list:

Here are my entries:

Prompts 1 and 2: Title page and Reset Day

Prompt 3: Self-care Plan

Prompt 4: Peaceful thoughts or things to be thankful for

Prompt 5 & 6: Favorite chill character & Favorite comfort food

Prompt 7: Favorite pick-me-up playlist

Prompt 8: Things I Daydream About

The first half of the year has been crazy for me, that’s why I really appreciated this activity to take a break and reset our lives. How about you, how have you been doing so far? 🍒☺️💕

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