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Keys to Developing Willpower

Trials being hard is given, but it is a Christian’s lot to overcome. And the way to do so is by learning to rule our spirit through self-control and willpower. As a review for the Spring Holy Days, I am sharing five keys to develop willpower, summarized from the inspiring and insightful article of Mr. Rod McNair: 1. Flee temptation.… Continue reading Keys to Developing Willpower

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Kiddie Arts and Crafts

There is little doubt that technology’s impact today is fracturing young minds and causing a meltdown of core values that were once the fabric that held families together. With the amount of gadgets being used in this digital age, kids tend to heavily rely on technology for the majority of their play time, thereby limiting the opportunities… Continue reading Kiddie Arts and Crafts

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Valuable Lessons From ‘Old Fashioned’

“I thought I’d always be alone.” Clay’s voice is heard while a dreamy clip of him and Amber is seen in sepia, as if nostalgic of a distant past. “Why?” she asked. “It’s what I deserve,” was his reply. “Oh, that’s a bunch of hooey,” she said, as she reaches out for his hand. Movies headlining the importance of… Continue reading Valuable Lessons From ‘Old Fashioned’

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Good Old Vintage

Peasant blouses, prairie skirts, gingham dresses, denim overalls, crocheted bolero, laces, calico, loafers, oxford shoes, and everything f-l-o-r-a-l. These are just some of the elements under the vintage umbrella and staple pieces in any vintage wardrobe. As much as it is in art and photography, a retrieval of the past in fashion is currently garnering… Continue reading Good Old Vintage

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Amid the Raging Storm

Much has been said about the dire catastrophe caused by the storm surge we were so ignorant about until it slaughtered our countrymen. The recent calamity has become the newest trending topic as people tirelessly exchange stories and opinions over a cup of coffee, via Facebook, or in a nearby kanto. But the onslaught of… Continue reading Amid the Raging Storm

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Lessons on Prayer from Dr. Roderick Meredith

Prayer is our lifeline to God. And since our relationship with the Lord is the most essential relationship we can ever cultivate, prayer serves as the most powerful tool we are immensely fortunate to have. In Dr. Roderick C. Meredith’s 2006 message, Break Through Prayers, he shared some valuable keys to making the most of our prayer life:

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Making the Most Out of Social Media

We have lived to see the day when social media is an irreplaceable conduit of communication, and source of information and entertainment. Facebook, for example, has become an immensely powerful platform that, sometimes, it even serves as a deciding factor on whether two people are in good terms or not. More than just a fad,… Continue reading Making the Most Out of Social Media

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Live Simply

Simplicity is the essence of happiness. ~Cedric Bledsoe In our consumer driven society where infinite options and opportunities abound, it’s easy to get caught up living a stressed and complicated life. Several months ago, I’ve opportunely unearthed the virtue of simplicity in a book I’ve stumbled upon and end up purchasing for fifty pesos. Such… Continue reading Live Simply