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Kawaii Journaling 💕

To say that I’m a fan of using planners and journals is an understatement. I’ve heavily relied on them for my daytime schedules and nighttime reflections for as long as I can remember. From a simple diary, I love how it eventually evolved into various kinds such as bullet journal, traveler’s notebook, gratitude log, and… Continue reading Kawaii Journaling 💕


On Uncertainty

My decade-long college best friend and I had our usual mulling-over-life conversation last night over cheesecake doughnuts in a cold Krispy Kreme cafe. As usual, we took turns in venting out and listening to each other’s dreams and frustrations. Our four-hour heart-to-heart talk covered topics on family trials, financial challenges, career dilemmas, midlife crisis, ikigai, and whatnot. You see,… Continue reading On Uncertainty

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Is That Not Worth Exploring?

For this blog post, I would like to share this thought-provoking, relevant, and simply motivating article by British concert pianist James Rhodes. Published in The Guardian in 2013, this story was later on illustrated in a comic by Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils. In such a creative and interesting way, Than was able to convey Rhode’s profound message – find what you… Continue reading Is That Not Worth Exploring?


Shiro the Bear

Social media such as Instagram has long been proven to consume one’s life time and has been criticized for being an instrument to project a false and pretentious image of people’s otherwise mediocre lives. However, a notable number of Instagrammers have been able to turn it around and maximize the photo-sharing tool to boost their business, art, career, advocacy, and self-motivation. One… Continue reading Shiro the Bear

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Good Old Vintage

Peasant blouses, prairie skirts, gingham dresses, denim overalls, crocheted bolero, laces, calico, loafers, oxford shoes, and everything f-l-o-r-a-l. These are just some of the elements under the vintage umbrella and staple pieces in any vintage wardrobe. As much as it is in art and photography, a retrieval of the past in fashion is currently garnering… Continue reading Good Old Vintage

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Amid the Raging Storm

Much has been said about the dire catastrophe caused by the storm surge we were so ignorant about until it slaughtered our countrymen. The recent calamity has become the newest trending topic as people tirelessly exchange stories and opinions over a cup of coffee, via Facebook, or in a nearby kanto. But the onslaught of… Continue reading Amid the Raging Storm

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Lessons on Prayer from Dr. Roderick Meredith

Prayer is our lifeline to God. And since our relationship with the Lord is the most essential relationship we can ever cultivate, prayer serves as the most powerful tool we are immensely fortunate to have. In Dr. Roderick C. Meredith’s 2006 message, Break Through Prayers, he shared some valuable keys to making the most of our prayer life:

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Making the Most Out of Social Media

We have lived to see the day when social media is an irreplaceable conduit of communication, and source of information and entertainment. Facebook, for example, has become an immensely powerful platform that, sometimes, it even serves as a deciding factor on whether two people are in good terms or not. More than just a fad,… Continue reading Making the Most Out of Social Media


A Practical and Productive Principle

Yesterday, my parents and I started out our long-overdue “spring” cleaning project. As we went along with the task, we recalled the “5S” principle in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness posted in the cottages of Teachers Camp, Baguio City, where our church annually conducts a religious observance. Aside from the virtue of simplicity, another way to… Continue reading A Practical and Productive Principle