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Kawaii Journaling Challenge: Reset

For the months of May and June, kawaii journaling enthusiasts and content creators, @rainbowholic and @chichilittle, initiated the #ResetKawaiiJournalingChallenge2019. Below are the general instructions and prompt list: Here are my entries: Prompts 1 and 2: Title page and Reset Day Prompt 3: Self-care Plan Prompt 4: Peaceful thoughts or things to be thankful for Prompt… Continue reading Kawaii Journaling Challenge: Reset

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My Favorite YouTubers: 3 Girls Inspiring the World to Dream

Tiffany, Ruby, and Kaila may have come from different backgrounds and pursue different passions. But they share one thing in common: they are among the handful of young ladies who use the platform of social media to edify other people’s lives through their impressive achievements and positive attitude. By showing the world that working hard… Continue reading My Favorite YouTubers: 3 Girls Inspiring the World to Dream

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Kawaii Journaling 💕

To say that I’m a fan of using planners and journals is an understatement. I’ve heavily relied on them for my daytime schedules and nighttime reflections for as long as I can remember. From a simple diary, I love how it eventually evolved into various kinds such as bullet journal, traveler’s notebook, gratitude log, and… Continue reading Kawaii Journaling 💕

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Keys to Developing Willpower

Trials being hard is given, but it is a Christian’s lot to overcome. And the way to do so is by learning to rule our spirit through self-control and willpower. As a review for the Spring Holy Days, I am sharing five keys to develop willpower, summarized from the inspiring and insightful article of Mr. Rod McNair: 1. Flee temptation.… Continue reading Keys to Developing Willpower

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Kiddie Arts and Crafts

There is little doubt that technology’s impact today is fracturing young minds and causing a meltdown of core values that were once the fabric that held families together. With the amount of gadgets being used in this digital age, kids tend to heavily rely on technology for the majority of their play time, thereby limiting the opportunities… Continue reading Kiddie Arts and Crafts

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Valuable Lessons From ‘Old Fashioned’

“I thought I’d always be alone.” Clay’s voice is heard while a dreamy clip of him and Amber is seen in sepia, as if nostalgic of a distant past. “Why?” she asked. “It’s what I deserve,” was his reply. “Oh, that’s a bunch of hooey,” she said, as she reaches out for his hand. Movies headlining the importance of… Continue reading Valuable Lessons From ‘Old Fashioned’

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Exploring Siem Reap, Cambodia

Despite not being the capital city bustling with urban life, Siem Reap is visited by more than one million travelers annually, marveling at intricate stonework and relics of what remains from over a thousand years of Khmer heritage, situated in its humble rural backyard. “Khmer,” which is both the language and the people, is pronounced by the locals as… Continue reading Exploring Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Watercolor Practice: Blue Hydrangeas

Whenever I have some free time, I try to squeeze in my favorite pastime activites such as watercolor painting. I’m new to botanicals so one Sunday, I practiced my beginner-level skills by painting one of the most beautiful flowers, the blue hydrangea. I used my ever-reliable Prang watercolor set, and a 7×10 185 cold-pressed watercolor paper from the prize… Continue reading Watercolor Practice: Blue Hydrangeas

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The Success of ‘Heneral Luna’

“A great civilization is not conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself from within.” The above quote by American writer and historian Will Durant is what I was immediately reminded of upon seeing Heneral Luna, for the movie depicted a people’s downfall as a culmination of strife among themselves. At first, I was quite hesitant to write about this Jerrold Tarog film, worried that… Continue reading The Success of ‘Heneral Luna’

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Is That Not Worth Exploring?

For this blog post, I would like to share this thought-provoking, relevant, and simply motivating article by British concert pianist James Rhodes. Published in The Guardian in 2013, this story was later on illustrated in a comic by Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils. In such a creative and interesting way, Than was able to convey Rhode’s profound message – find what you… Continue reading Is That Not Worth Exploring?

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Watercolor Practice: Teddy Bears

For this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, “Monochromatic,” I would like to share a piece of artwork I have created a month ago, with which I utilized said technique. In painting, the monochromatic color scheme uses variations in lightness and saturation of a single color. Using only the composite color brown (produced by mixing red, yellow, and black pigments),… Continue reading Watercolor Practice: Teddy Bears

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Food Feature: District 1 Grill and Sizzler in Marikina

The looming trend of the foodie era makes restaurants sprout like mushrooms after a rainy day, employing different gimmicks to lure customers in. But a new restaurant in Marikina, District 1 Grill and Sizzler, keeps it simple. No gimmicks. Just real, great tasting, and affordable food — the three things I like about this eatery:


A First Timer’s Quick Guide to Mt. Pamitinan

The first man to ever stand atop Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary, was quoted saying: “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” I’ve proven this to be true when I climbed my first mountain. I struggled every step to the summit and had to literally drag myself up in the process. My friends and… Continue reading A First Timer’s Quick Guide to Mt. Pamitinan

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Bamboo Organ Festival at 40

St. Joseph Parish Church in Las Piñas, which houses the prized Bamboo Organ, was once again the venue for the annual International Bamboo Organ Festival held from February 19 to 27, with this year marking its 40th anniversary. Lauded as the oldest and most complete bamboo pipe organ in the world, the Bamboo Organ was… Continue reading Bamboo Organ Festival at 40

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Chemistea: More Than Just a Pretty Flask

Four months ago, I posted a write-up on the auspicious beginnings of Chemistea that has stoked up the interest of quite a good deal of milk tea shop goers. And my opinion still won’t change—not even for all the tea in China. Of course, notwithstanding Chemistea having garnered massive accolade (TV5 News, Expat Newspaper, and Doon Po Sa Amin PH, to mention a few)… Continue reading Chemistea: More Than Just a Pretty Flask

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Life Is But a Weaving

“The best things are still made by hands.” This is what more than 100 years of Easter Weaving’s heritage proves and reminds us as it lives on to weave more quality woven products featuring the Cordillera way of life and patterns that reflect ours. For this feature, let me first share with you the meaningful tapestry poem… Continue reading Life Is But a Weaving